Bridal Tips

The secret to finding your gown is a simple 3 step process:

1) Look at pictures before you shop to see what you are drawn to.  Make sure that your favorites represent the character and personality you want to portray on your wedding day.  Remember this is your “rite of passage.”  So make it represent the extraordinary you that you are! (This may not be the style you wear every day, so put thought into this.)

2) Now that you have an idea of style, go try on shapes that flatter you the most. This may be a different shape than you expected!  Be prepared to be surprised.  At Belle Vie Bridal Couture and Vera Wang Chicago we are nationally known as the experts in finding the perfect silhouette to flatter your figure, no matter what your shape!  After you nail down your shape, we will be sure to find a gown that pulls out that personality and style that represents the true you! After all, pictures of you in your gown is the only thing from your wedding (besides your husband) that lasts a lifetime. It will sit on your mantel for 50-60 years!  Your gown is the most critical piece of your wedding!

3) Lastly, you MUST bring that one, most important person with you to your appointment. When you try on “ the gown” that is the one, you are going to want to show that person!

Do’s: ask yourself questions!

1) Do I feel beautiful in it & is it the most flattering fit for my figure?
2) Does this gown represent how I want to be viewed on my wedding day & represent all parts of my personality?
3) Do I really want the opinion of each of the guests I’m bringing with me to try on gowns? If you don’t want their opinion, bring them back to show them the dress AFTER you have ordered it.
4) Will I want to look at it on my mantle for the next 60 years?
5) Do try on the dress you are drawn to the most first and compare every gown you try on to your favorite gown.


1) Think you know what shape looks best on you until you try on a variety and actually see what fit is best. I promise you will be surprised
2) Don’t pick your 2nd favorite dress just because it’s in your budget if the 1st choice truly represents you and your vision. You will end up going back and buying your favorite with a rush fee right before the wedding and having to try to sell your other gown on eBay!
3) Take more than 1-2 people max with you to your appointment! You need to focus on what YOU like, not them. This is the biggest mistake many brides make.
4) Don’t think twice about increasing your budget for your gown! Pictures of you in your gown are the only thing that you will have for a lifetime! This dress is NOT just for one day! You will be looking at it for the next 60 years
5) Do NOT try on a ton of dresses, stick to those you are really drawn to!

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